Customers Review Bin There Dump That's Dumpster Service , , Contact us for more details. Knoxville - Bin There Dump That 5 out of 5
We live in an area where having a Yard/Garage Sale is nearly impossible. We had a ton or two of stuff from combining our two houses into one. 

Over the last couple of years (before we heard about "Bin There Dump That” in the Powell/Claxton area), I had called several dumpster companies in an attempt to hire a dumpster to help clear out our (2) car garage of miscellaneous clutter, furniture etc. We never got a dumpster from anyone simply because there restrictions were to ridiculous and there were more things you “couldn’t” throw in their dumpsters than things you “could” throw in. 

Or there customer service was so lacking that we didn’t feel comfortable using them, so we just let it go and kept the clutter with no real sensible way of selling it or dumping it. That is, until we heard about Bin There Dump That in Powell, TN. 

Bin There Dump That has truly been a Godsend for us. Because they are family owned and operated they truly have the Best Service Ever. They understood our needs, they worked with us, they didn’t have a huge list of things that couldn’t be thrown in. They had a huge list of things that could be thrown in. 

When you’re renting a dumpster you sure don’t want to have to look at every item and wonder if you can or can’t throw it into the dumpster. We have a difficult driveway which I explained to them and other dumpster companies beforehand. 

The other dumpster companies turned us away immediately on the phone (wouldn’t even look at our driveway). Bin There Dump That didn’t even question our driveway, they just said “That shouldn’t be any problem at all”, and it wasn’t. I took a lot of time to write this review. I also rarely ever write any reviews. It’s just that my husband and I were both so thoroughly impressed with this company that we wanted others to know about them. They even bring a magnetic broom and run it over the area to pick up any nails, thumbtacks etc. so you won’t get a flat tire after dumping all your junk. 

Now that’s service with a smile. Brett and Lori Danks Heiskell, TN
, Heiskell , October 2019 , , Contact us for more details. Contact us for more details. Knoxville - Bin There Dump That 5 out of 5
They are great to deal with and have been very helpful! I chose the wrong size, and they were happy to switch it out! Dumpster was delivered promptly! Highly Recommend!
, Knoxville , September 2019
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