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Garage Cleanouts in Knoxville: 4 Tips to Keep Them Clean & Organized


Do you have so much stuff in your two-car garage that you’re lucky if you’re able to park one car in it, let alone two? If you’ve had enough trying to navigate through all the kids toys, landscaping tools, Christmas decorations just to enter the house, it may be time for a garage cleanout.

Knoxville homeowners, continue to read on for 4 tips to make your garage cleanout so successful, it will be years until you have to do another one!

Plan for Success

A neat and organized garage doesn’t happen on a whim. It’s always important to plan ahead! Going into the project, understand what needs to be trashed, what needs to be relocated and the tools you’ll need to get the job done (more on that later).

Don’t forget to check the upcoming forecast. Although your garage will provide you shelter from the elements, you’ll inevitably need to go outside and you’ll just end up making your garage a slippery, watery hazard.

How are you going to keep the garage organized after you remove the clutter? Plan to invest in storage shelves, pegboard and other storage and organization accessories for your garage cleanout.

Use Your Entire Garage

If you do want to park your car in the garage for those cool Knoxville winter nights, utilize all the space including the walls and ceiling. After removing the clutter and debris from the garage, maybe you’ll want to invest in building a loft for seasonal items you’ll store away for a majority of the year.

Install recycling bin wall brackets so your bins aren’t taking up precious real estate in your garage. Remember when we mentioned utilizing pegboards? Install pegboard on your walls to hang tools and the sort.

Organize by Season

Part of your garage cleanout should include organizing the items you do intend on keeping in your garage. Keep your landscaping tools to one corner of the garage.

For seasonal items, like decorations, make the ones you’ll need soonest the most accessible. You won’t want to have to rummage through a collection of Christmas decoration boxes to get to the Halloween decorations in October.

Do a Thorough Declutter

Be determined to get rid of most of the clutter that’s preventing you from properly accessing your garage. The kids’ scooters they outgrew in the fourth grade, get rid of it. The construction debris from last year’s kitchen remodel; why is it still in the garage? Here’s a couple ways of decluttering

Rent a Dumpster

One of the best tools in your Knoxville garage cleanout toolbox will be a dumpster rental. We help Knoxville homeowners all the time with their garage cleanouts. Our Dumpster Consultants make it easy because they’ll be able to recommend the best size for your cleanout depending on how much clutter and debris you have collected in the garage.

We commonly rent out a 15 or 20 yard dumpster for these jobs. Bin There Dump That can make this an easy process. Our Dumpster Delivery Experts can park the up against the house and open the walk-in double doors so you can load in any bulky items, like furniture, without having to worry about throwing them over the sides of the dumpster.

You can call our Dumpster Consultants now at 865-689-1010 to arrange the dumpster rental for your garage cleanout in Knoxville.

Host a Garage Sale

Certainly, some of those items still have monetary value. Those kids scooters we noted earlier… they could fetch you a few dollars. Sort out all the items that would still be valuable to neighbors and host a garage sale!

Awesome! Your garage is so organized after your garage cleanout that the tripping hazards are gone, you have a little money in your pocket and your willingly keeping the garage door up for the neighbors to see!